Fruit Palm Tree

Fresh, colourful, healthy is the best way to describe them.

Our fruit palm trees offer a really healthy addition to any event and look beautiful with the bitesize pieces of fresh fruit winding up the trunk of the tree.

The trees really compliment the chocolate fountain as guests can pick fruit from the tree and dip in the melted Belgian chocolate or just eat the fruit straight from the tree.

We use quality fresh fruit, which is prepared on the day of your event for maximum freshness.

The trees come with a mix of the following fruit :-

Pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, galia, red grapes & green grapes

The palm trees are available in 3 sizes

Small tree : 2ft suitable for small functions of up to 50 guests, great for Asian Mehndi's

Medium tree : 6ft tall and our most popular size

Large tree : 8ft in height the venue will need high ceilings for this one

If you want to cater for a large number of guests please view our fruit display page, we use the palm tree as the centrepiece then fill the rest of the table with trays of prepared and ready to eat fruit.